Why plastic surgeons shouldn’t keep surgery prices secret


Many plastic surgeons believe the best time to provide cost information is at the consultation appointment.

But failing to provide accurate price ranges to consumers prior to consult has negative effects…

  • Inefficient use of MD time
  • Inefficient use of staff resources
  • Better-qualified patients can’t get in soon enough
  • Lower patient satisfaction at consult

In results from 3,228 surveys of post-consult patients in 118 practices, 70% of the patients who scheduled surgery were given a fee quote that was exactly what they expected or less.

When patients receive a fee quote that is higher than they expect, their likelihood to schedule decreases by 50%.

Example: In the mature solo practice below, all aspects of the consultation experience were rated well above the national benchmark. But more than half (53%) of their consult patients received a fee quote that was higher than expected.

The solution? Clearly communicate costs and set expectations before consult, and more patients will schedule surgery.

3 Tips for Setting Cost Expectations Prior to Consult

  1. Make it a policy to quote fees over the phone every time. If pricing is a standard part of the conversation, you’ll know that every patient who comes in the door can afford your fees.
  2. Don’t wait for the caller to ask about fees. Be proactive – ask the caller if they need information about the price range or if they’re interested in financing options.
  3. Include information on your website about the price ranges for each procedure. Not only you are setting expectations, but you are ALSO gaining a competitive advantage for SEO. Cost information is one of the primary keywords patients use while researching their procedure. Be sure to use the keywords “price” and “cost” in the content and page title.