Three New Acronyms Plastic Surgeons Need To Know

idsfaCEM = Customer Experience Management

Don’t worry! CEM is not expensive and painful like SEO or SEM!

CEM stands for Customer Experience Management, a field that is exploding among large and small companies alike. A quick Twitter search for the hashtag #CEM will land you a wealth of topics and resources to explore around this exciting new area of customer service.

PX = Patient Experience

Yes, PX still stands for prescription, and also for prognosis (and the police use it for “prostitution” so let’s be careful with the context when we use PX.

SX = Surgery Experience

SX stands for surgery, symptoms, suction and also for Supercross if you happen to be an X Games fan.

Why we are all the Patient Experience (“PX”)…

More often than not, when a patient has less than a five star experience, it has little to do with the doctor or the surgical outcome. Every person on your team and each touchpoint that a patient experiences throughout their journey is part of the PX.

Nobody has said it better than The Beryl Institute, a thought leader in patient experience: