The RPR Top 5: Articles About Improving The Plastic Surgery Patient Experience for July 2012

rpr-top5-logoThe Things Patients Can Do Better Than You

How do forward-thinking companies like Facebook look to their customers to grow their business? The Things Customers Can Do Better Than You, on the Harvard Business Review blog, gives great insight into what customers can uniquely do better than you. We were inspired to share our own perspective how patients can help plastic surgeons deliver great patient experiences simply by listening to customer feedback.

Patient-Centric Marketing: A New Old Concept’s CEO Tom Seery writes on, “the new marketing solution is to go back to the old idea of word of mouth. This means doctors have to shift from pleasing the Google robot to a web presence that’s patient-centric.”

Firms Take Online Reviews to Heart

From, how retail giants like L.L. Bean and Wal-Mart are using online ratings and reviews to make decisions about the products they sell and to directly resolve consumer problems with transparency.

Doctors may fear being rated, but they often score high with their patients

From the Washington Post earlier in July, for ratings giant Consumer Reports now expanding into the realm of physician ratings, they claim that “physician ratings is a journey, not a destination.”

Infographic: Maximize Your Tweets

A quick and easy infographic with some key best practices for Twitter from Fusework Studios, via WOMMA.