The RPR Top 5: Great Articles About Improving The Patient Experience for May 2012

rpr-top5-logoHere’s a recap of internet marketing and patient experience articles from around the web that we either read or discovered in May 2012.

These five were so good, we had to share them with you again!

1. 10 Simply Awesome Examples of Email Marketing

When done well, email marketing can be extremely effective at driving patients through the door. Check out these examples of great email marketing from Hubspot.

2. The Importance of Online Customer Reviews

Digital Visitor presents statistics and reasons for why you should publish customer reviews on your website, both good and bad. Although this article is about consumer behavior travel, their reasons apply equally well to any medical or retail environment.

3. Why User Generated Content Is More Important Than You Think

Why do Millenials trust people over brands? Learn why this age group won’t buy anything without seeking input from others first. Essential reading for any practice with patients under the age of 35!

Also, do not miss out on the full paper from Bazaarvoice. Absolutely fantastic!

4. The Blemish Effect

A study by researchers at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Tel Aviv University found that small doses of mildly negative information – a so-called blemishing effect – may actually strengthen a consumer’s positive impression of a product or service.

5. How Well Do You Know Your Touchpoints?

Why the seemingly minor details of a customer’s experience are so important and make the difference in retention and referral. SMG shares powerful insight into the importance of measuring the consumer’s experience with each touchpoint in your business.