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3 Reasons for Plastic Surgeons to LOVE Price Transparency

Plastic surgeons, don’t let price transparency scare you! If you share cost information both online and over the phone, you will gain a significant competitive advantage in your market. You’ll also convert more leads from the web and do more cases.

A common objection to this idea is that surgeons don’t want to share prices with the competition, but consider this… you won’t have to secret shop each other and waste your staff’s time to find out, your patients will be far more educated at consult, your web traffic will go up and you will get more conversions online.

1. More informed patients means better consults

You do not want use precious consult time for a patient who can’t afford the procedure when someone who can afford it could have been there instead.

Here’s what happens when they aren’t prepared for the cost ahead of time:


2. Price Education = More Cases

Patients who are prepared for the cost are 21% more likely to schedule on the spot, at the end of their consult. Rather than worried about a financial surprise at the end of the consult, they are focused on absorbing your expertise about the procedure.

scheduled at consult

What does this table mean? Of 12,924 consult patients surveyed, 48% scheduled surgery at their consult. For those patients who scheduled surgery at consult, there is a 21% increase in scheduling when the fee estimate given is about what the patient is expecting (or less).

3. Stronger SEO & More Conversions

cost keywords

Cost and Price are two of the strongest keywords there are! Neglecting to include them on your website is costing you a pretty decent amount of web traffic. Just like in the consultation, a prospective patient visiting your website looks for cost information in order to move forward in their research process. If you answer their question, they can move on to learn about the procedure, look at your beautiful photos, and contact you for a consultation.

Data from Google Analytics illustrates the importance of this information to your consumer:

East coast solo practice
Visitors who used a keyword including “price” 341
Visitors who used a keyword including “cost” 1928
Visitors who viewed the prices page 6549
West coast group practice
Visitors who used a keyword including “price” 1337
Visitors who used a keyword including “cost” 3594
Visitors who viewed the prices page 13,722

TO DO: Your Price Transparency Toolkit

1. Create a useful financing page

carecredit-estimator-ydg-001-147x393 2xss

Make your financing page as useful as possible! Personalize the page – who is the financing expert in your office? Write a call-to-action inviting your reader to contact the person in your office who handles financing and use her photo on the page. Use a custom form with a specific call to action.

Example: Check out La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre’s financing tools page

2. Add a “Plastic Surgery Costs” page to your website

Create a separate page on your website called “Plastic Surgery Costs” and vary between the words “cost” and “price.” You don’t have to be exact either – you can and should do ranges.

Then, on all procedure pages add cost information in the form of a question. For example:

“How much does breast augmentation cost in Atlanta?” Around Atlanta, the cost of breast implants varies by location and implant type, but at our office in Alpharetta, the fee for breast augmentation ranges from $4000-$7500… etc.

Example: Plastic Surgery Prices page on Hess Plastic Surgery

3. Leverage all the cool stuff CareCredit does for you

Do you use CareCredit? They have created wonderful interactive tools for you to use online.

CareCredit Advertising Toolkit

4. Kick it up a notch with BuildMyBod

build my bod appThis very affordable and beautiful iPhone/iPad app lets a prospective patient add your procedures to their wishlist. After the patient wishlist is submitted, they receive an automated email with breakdown of cost estimate including surgeon’s fee, OR fees, implant fees, etc. The doctor receives the same email that includes patient’s name, email address and phone number. BuildMyBod captures a lead for you and educates your patient about price at the same time.

Even better, they give you embedded content for your website to add to your arsenal of price/cost content.

Example: www.pacificheightsplasticsurgery.com/pricing/

More info about BuildMyBod

5 Must-Read Reputation Management Articles for Plastic Surgeons

Forbes: Is Online Reputation Management Worth The Money?


The cost of reputation management services who claim to be capable of cleaning up your online profile range from free to upwards of $1000 a month, but are they worth it?

Critics say these sites don’t do anything you can’t do yourself.

Doctors who ignore online reviews put their reputation on the line

MediBeauty advises that “No one would suggest that cosmetic surgery is an “impulse buy” but the fact remains that people are increasingly adept at getting a good sense of a doctor’s reputation quickly.”

BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey 2013

A revealing look at how consumers read reviews and how their opinions are affected by the reviews they read, specifically concerned with reviews & purchase of local business services and not product reviews.

The Complete Guide to Yelp Reviews: Power to the People!

A comprehensive guide to Yelp for businesses, covering every angle of the coveted and often-frustrating acquisition of Yelp-worthy review content.

How Ratings + Reviews = Revenue

A RealPatientRatings webinar, originally broadcast July 31, 2013.

What is “reputation management” anyway? Like everything in online marketing, it’s constantly changing. Learn how to focus on proactively protecting yourself, and convert more leads and cases with the marketing features available to you as a member of RealPatientRatings. We’ll show you how to do more with what you’ve got by using the 3 most important reports on your reporting dashboard, and how to and interpret the data to generate more revenue without spending more money.

Are you in a Penguin panic? A Google Penguin Recovery Guide for Plastic Surgeons

Last month’s “Penguin 2.0” Google algorithm update caused some plastic surgeons to lose rankings or even disappear from search results altogether.mobile-rankings-plummet

In a nutshell, the Penguin update caused a decrease in the importance of certain links and increased the value of content on your website.

RealPatientRatings was unaffected because our SEO strategy has always been 100% content-based, and our mission is only to help our members with their own SEO.

Have you ever worked with an SEO person or company that purchased links to your website on your behalf? How would you even know if you had?

If your website recently disappeared from the search results, it may have been Penguin at work.

5 things you need to know about Penguin:

penguin-head1. His name should really be Turtle

Because a turtle more accurately represents the principle of “slow and steady wins the race.” There’s no way to game the system here and there never has been.

2. Losing rankings as a result of Penguin is not the same as a penalty

You’re not in trouble, it’s just the result of a recalculation of the strength of your inbound links. Like that bad SEO had never been done in the first place. If you had a lot untrustworthy links pointing to your site, they are now worth nothing. Another website with more trusted links than yours is likely on top of the page now. (A penalty is much harder to correct and is the result of very bad behavior.)

3. Getting good links is hard, but not impossible

If you have a blog, you should be linking to your colleagues and they should be linking to you from original articles that you write. You should be answering questions and contributing on RealSelf.com. You should be included in legitimate business and professional websites, like your local Chamber, state plastic surgery society, plasticsurgery.org, surgery.org., et al. You should have a Youtube account and a Google+ Business page. All of these sources and many more add to your credibility and improve your rankings.

4. Remember that Google shows different results to different people

Searches vary greatly based on search terms, location, and personal search history. If the number of visitors to your website hasn’t changed much but your rankings appear different, don’t freak out! Most people find you by searching for your name, which won’t be affected by Penguin at all.

5. Do not fall for a sales pitch to “fix it” that sounds too good to be true

This is what caused the problems in the first place! You can fix it without spending a ton of money. Being the good guy does not always have to be time consuming, challenging, and expensive.

What should you do if the Penguin got you?

First, read Search Engine Journal’s recent article “Penguin 2.0: Your Roadmap to Recovery.” Take to heart the recommendation that you learn and understand the 3 pillars of SEO (content, links, and social media), and ensure your SEO plans incorporate all three pillars going forward. Focus only on quality and building value for your readers.

Here’s where RealPatientRatings can help.

The 3 pillars of SEO are easily and affordably delivered to you.

  1. Content: automatically publish reviews on your own website
  2. Links: valuable followed links to your website & social media pages
  3. Social media: Share your great reviews on Facebook and Twitter

If you have found yourself in a difficult situation because of the Penguin update, RealPatientRatings outbound links and content feeds will help you recover quickly. We are now and will always be a solid and trustworthy part of your web “neighborhood.”

More resources:

Don’t fear the Penguin (Google algorithm update)

I feel old today, in a good way.penguin-head

Early in my career I recall having week-long panic attacks when Google made even the slightest change to the algorithm. Last week’s Penguin 2.0 update is causing some plastic surgeons to lose rankings or even disappear from search results altogether.

I decided many years ago that I’d follow my instincts and only do “real” SEO…. this meant always writing original content, getting only real links the hard way, never taking shortcuts, and even losing clients who didn’t agree with my “be the turtle, not the hare” philosophy. I’m proud to say i’ve never bought a link in my life.

I just didn’t think real prospective patients would respond to phony content and if I was going to write content, darn it, it would be readable and interesting. I also believed from day one that nothing really mattered except conversions, and I wanted to create a relationship online that would generate GOOD leads for clients, not just any old leads.


Score one for the good guys!

For the better part of a decade, our competitors who just bought their way to the top using questionable tactics were neck-and-neck or even beating my clients. This was incredibly frustrating, especially in those rare cases where I had to say it’s just not possible to beat the bad guys.

Being the good guy is time consuming, challenging, and expensive. But today we’re vindicated a little by the second Penguin update, which instantly devalued thousands of the crappy links that helped the bad guys win for so long!

This is not a sales pitch. This is who we are… every website I’ve ever worked on has been done the hard way, and that includes RealPatientRatings. If you suffered losses in rankings from Penguin 1 or 2, our links and content feeds will help you and so help me, we will always be a solid and trustworthy part of your web “neighborhood.”

The word “real” is more than part of our business name, it’s also how we serve our members. Real data that helps practices grow, real reviews only from real patients, and real results.