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Smart, Knowledgeable Staff = Full Surgery Schedule

Do you understand the correlation between your front desk staff and your surgery schedule?

According to patient feedback 21% more patients 21% more patients (68%) are highly likely to schedule with the assistance of a knowledgeable staff. While patients who are just satisfied with the knowledge of the staff are only 47% highly likely to schedule.


What to do?

  • Take the time and opportunity to educate your staff about your procedures.
  • Schedule Lunch ‘n Learn sessions once a month.
  • Each session should focus on one procedure.
  • Review the ins and outs, techniques, patient objections and recuperation time.
  • Use your before and after book to educate your staff on patient selection
  • Staff should read the procedure brochures

The time you invest in your staff will create a win/win situation for everyone.

Running late for consultations? It’s costing you more than you think

rabbitAre you timely in consultation or do you tend to run a few minutes late?

The data from 700 post-consult patients indicates that when you respect their time they are highly likely to choose your practice for their surgery needs.


If you run chronically late, first evaluate your scheduling templates. Are you allowing enough time to meet patients needs? Or are you overscheduling, which creates a less than desirable experience in the office. Create a win-win situation by adjusting your schedule to allow for a smooth patient day.