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The importance of content for SEO, explained in just TWO graphics

The nature of content you create affects users differently and can be categorized into four distinct categories: entertain, educate, persuade, convert.

Over a decade of testing various types of content with prospective patients has determined that patients who are ready to make an appointment require real reviews from past patients to move forward. The illustrations below further confirm our findings.

Depending on the type of business you have, you may not need all of the elements below. Medical practices, for instance, don’t need games! Review content presented to prospective patients results in a massive increase in conversions, along with content about price/cost. If your website doesn’t have these two content types, get going and add it now.


Brafton's Infographic: Why Content for SEO?

Infographic: The 5 Stages of Learning to Live With Patient Reviews (For Doctors)

reviews-are-goodJust for fun, a lighthearted look at the process many doctors have gone through with the evolution of online reviews from patients. Feel free to share this infographic and use it however you wish! We just ask for proper credit. Need a printable size? Contact us with the form on the left.


Click to download a pdf version of this infographic

Graphic design: Kristina Kiser at RealPatientRatings

The 5 Stages of Embracing Patient Reviews (for Doctors)


You just want them to go away… nobody reads those darn things!


You’re mad at the people who wrote bad reviews and lose some sleep trying to figure out how to get them removed from the Internet. You might have even called your lawyer.


You ask your happy patients to write reviews everywhere. You may even start looking for ways to game the system. (No, you can’t game the system!)


You realize few patients will actually get it done and even then, some websites won’t publish the reviews!


You know reviews help you grow and that some blemishes actually boost your credibility. You just need to figure out how to acquire reviews frequently and without burden to your staff.

Prospective patients who read online reviews are ready to buy

Do you want more leads, consults and cases?

If so, add reviews to your website. A year’s worth of data gathered from 14 plastic surgery practice websites shows these visitors who read reviews at part of a visit convert at least twice as often as those who don’t. (In this case, “convert” simply means they completed a form on a website.)

People who are ready to take action search differently than those who are earlier in the buying process and simply gathering general information. When it comes to search volume, quality is much more important than quantity. For example, a visitor searching for “plastic surgeon reviews” will convert 10 times more often than a user just searching for “breast augmentation.”

Consider the patient’s thought process for a moment… they research plastic surgeons in their area for several months or longer, and begin to make plans. When can I take time off from work? When will I have enough money to do this?

They have a timeline for when they want to have surgery. They ask friends, “do you know who I should go to for this? Who is the best surgeon for the procedure I want?” Their minds are open to receive messaging during this process. Surgeons are mentioned, websites are consulted, photos are studied carefully.

What message do you want them to hear while they’re actually listening?

Differentiate yourself. Every plastic surgeon on earth aims to create a “safe, comfortable environment” for their patients. Instead of platitudes, let your patients be your cheerleaders. They will tell the true story of your quality in their own words. You can’t develop content as compelling or effective than a multitude of reviews from your real patients.

The proof is in. Authentic and transparent reviews published on your own website inspire more patients to move forward and either email or call your office. (Thank you notes and written notes are great too, but don’t call them “testimonials,” it’s a terribly weak keyword).

Incremental changes can make a huge difference in revenue

Just a tiny increase from the typical website conversion rate of 1.5% (or 1 out of every 65 web visitors) up to 1.7% (1 out of every 58 visitors) can be obtained by adding review content to your own website and making that content easy for users to find.

For every 10 web leads that you receive now, you’ll be getting 12. If you get 10 leads per week, in a month that’s 8 more highly qualified leads.

To monetize this change for your practice, factor in your conversion rates. Do you know your ratio of emails to surgeries? If so, it’s easy to determine the financial impact of just 10 more web leads per month. Our friends at Etna Interactive tell us that the typical range of email-to-surgery conversion rates is from 13.2% with the best practices as high as 24%.

How would just 1-2 more surgeries each month impact your bottom line?