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7 Online Marketing Predictions (and 1 Wish) for Plastic Surgeons in 2014


1. Content marketing will be the most important part of your online strategy

seo-monster-is-deadSEO is dead and has been (in its original form) for a while now. If you still think SEO is just a magical secret formula of keywords on a web page and a bunch of inbound links, it’s time to change your thinking.

To remain competitive in 2014, cosmetic practices will need to devote more resources to content marketing. Content plays the starring role in a successful SEO strategy. Yesterday’s keyword-stuffing, city-name-everywhere-on-the-page approach no longer works.

TIP: Choose an SEO team who works in partnership with you to create great content. Remember quality is key, not quantity. Be prepared to help them, they can’t do it all without you.

2. Successful content marketers will leverage reviews to drive conversions

content-monsterReviews build online relationships (i.e. conversions and phone calls) better than any other type of content. Not surprisingly, publishing reviews on your own website can increase conversions by 2x to 8x!*

Would you like to generate 20% more leads from the web than you did a year ago? As a direct result of changing their overall marketing strategy to highlight reviews and other related content created by patients, a practice in a highly competitive California market experienced a 20% increase in website conversions (number of contact forms completed) over the previous year.

TIP: RealPatientRatings.com (and some other review sites) give you easy-to-install embeddable review widgets that keep your website updated automatically with review content that will engage your visitors and increase conversions.

*RPR study

3. Expect doctor reviews to continue exploding in popularity

+52% more people searched for doctor/dentist reviews in 2013 than in 2012 accodring to brightlocal.com. Only restaurant reviews were more popular! We don’t expect this trend to change.

In 2014, consumers will also prefer reviews from trusted sources over older less-trusted websites, and prefer recent reviews older reviews.

4. Doctors will be inundated by salespeople offering newfangled methods of generating reviews

scared-doctorGuaranteeing your patient’s anonymity is the most effective way to generate truly authentic reviews and collect enough reviews to have an impact on your marketing.

All medicine, especially cosmetic surgery, is a highly personal experience and true anonymity is required to acquire honest feedback.

To decide on a system for growing your online reputation, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will your patients feel safe enough to share their true feelings?
  • Will the patient feedback help your practice grow in a constructive way?
  • Does the system truly understand the business of medicine?

TIP: Don’t choose a method of generating reviews where patients write a review while at your office, and avoid any methods that require the patient to post online under their real name.

5. Keyword data will no longer be available to rely on

not-providedIn your Google Analytics reports, have you seen the numbers of “(not provided)” keywords growing like crazy? Changes to online privacy settings mean that our access to keyword data is dwindling and will soon be completely gone.

Although keyword data will be sorely missed by all, once it’s all gone we will have to shift our measurement of Internet marketing success to engagement statistics like pages per visit, time on site, and conversion rates.

(In this SEO’s humble opinion, this is a healthy and positive change.)

TIP: Download an Excel report of your entire keyword history for future use. Do this ASAP before it is gone forever.

6. Trusted sources of web traffic will be more important than ever

Your most important real-world relationships and affiliations will also be your most significant online relationships.

asps-find-a-surgeon.jpgFor instance, a surprising number of ASPS member surgeons have incomplete profiles on plasticsurgery,org. That means the 463,000 people who searched for a surgeon on plasticsurgery.org in the last year* never had an opportunity to see them. It also means these surgeons are missing out on the powerful benefits of links from plasticsurgery.org to their own websites.

TIP: Complete your plasticsurgery.org doctor profile and invest in an Enhanced Profile.

BONUS TIP: There’s only one way to show surgery reviews on your ASPS profile! Our official endorsement by ASPS means that RealPatientRatings members with ASPS Enhanced Profiles can display surgery reviews on their plasticsurgery.org profile for free. This important consumer content is available to help patients find vital information to help them make choices.

**Data collected between June 2012 and 2013. Statistics provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

7. Mobile and tablet users will account for more than 50% of your website traffic

phone-in-bedIf your site isn’t functional on smartphones or tablets, you may not have been affected much yet. This year, you will definitely feel it as the number of people using these devices to engage with content on your website continues to climb.

TIP: You don’t need a separate mobile website any more. Professional web development has already evolved past that! Responsive websites are the new standard and when built properly they automatically display perfectly on any device.

Not so much a prediction, but our wish for the future…
Surgeons will stop worrying about reviews and focus more on patient satisfaction

Everyone will routinely survey their patients

Nearly 80% of medical practices categorized as “better-performers” use patient satisfaction surveys, and send surveys out more frequently than other practices.***

Reviews aren’t something you can buy or beg for, they are a happy byproduct of patient satisfaction. Start by looking inward (surveying your patients is a great place to start) and the reviews will come naturally.

And stop trying to control the system

Doctors and consumers both truly hate the review sites that are suspected of gaming the system, and yet they still want to have control over the reviews that are published.

Just like SEO, there are no tricks or magic bullets to get solve the problem of meeting your consumer’s need for authentic reviews.

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Plastic surgery shoppers Google the strangest things

1602642It can be useful to look at patterns in keywords to get a view inside your consumer’s thought process.

One way to do this is to filter in Google Analytics on the words what, where, how, and why. As an example, we filtered 14 months of searches including the word “what.

The most obvious pattern is consumers seeking cost information. If you aren’t sharing price ranges on your website, we think you should. (For more on this topic, see Marie Olesen’s article “Why plastic surgeons shouldn’t keep prices secret”).

Another recurring theme seems to be around pain control.

Here are some actual phrases consumers used to find the RPR website:

  • surgery with dr lee daniels eugene oregon what to expect
  • what is a bair hugger
  • dr simeon wall what pain medicine does he after tummy tuck
  • explain what you feel when your skin have incontact with plastics
  • show patient-rated doctos in georgia and what they had to say
  • sidelaze practiced in what cities
  • touchmd what is it
  • what are the root causes of plastic surgery as an epidemic
  • what can i do if i’m not satisfied with my plastic surgery results
  • what does dr john diaz offer after the operation
  • what does dr steven teitelbaum charge for augmentation
  • what does dr. chasan charge for rhinoplasty
  • what if my doctor won’t refer me for scar revision
  • what is dr paul chasan fee for rhinoplasty
  • what is rpr facial rejuvenation atlanta
  • what is the best consult to surgery ratio for plastic surgeons?
  • what is the cost of implants at greg ratliff
  • what is three legal and factor of a plastic surgeons
  • what is typical recovery time mastioplasty
  • what kind of plastic surgery is there
  • what largest implant dr joanthan kramer has done
  • what makes dr. robert hardesty of riverside unique
  • what pain meds do dr prescribe for mommy makeover
  • what people say about dr. shaw plastic surgeon
  • what to ask at a pre op for mommy makeover
  • what to look for on a plastic surgeons cv
  • what to write in comments on a patient survey
  • what type of liposuction does michael chairamonte
  • what’s the average cost for dr nein

Whether you have a large practice or a small one, writing content by studying to patient data is a fantastic way to communicate with your audience.

Now that RealPatientRatings.com has more than 10,000 reviews to study, it will be interesting to analyze deeper patterns of consumer keyword searches. We’ll be sure to share our findings with you!

6 tips for maximizing peak web traffic in January

Did you know that web traffic peaks for aesthetic practices in January?

2011-year-resolution-400x400Maybe it’s all those New Year’s resolutions. Consumers are very active in January. It happens every year, but most practices are not aware of the increase because surgical schedules are often quiet at this time.

What can you do to take advantage of this increase of attention on the web?

1. Answer your emails quickly.

Consumers are on the move and you should be ready and responsive. There are big scheduling advantages for practices that respond promptly and effectively to contact forms and other email leads.

Make sure your consult strategy is consistent with your goals. Remember there’s a direct correlation between the number of consults seen and the amount of surgery you’re going to do. If your goal is to fill your surgical schedule, try to remove consult barriers.

  • If you charge for consults, you can temporarily waive consult fees as a special to increase the number of consults you see.
  • If you don’t charge for consults, you need to vet patients well. Make sure that your consult slots are filled with serious patients. You can help patients get pre-approved if they’re going to need a payment plan.

2. Test new consult times.

Do you have consult times that really work best for your patients? This might be a good time to try some new appointment times earlier or later or different days of the week. You might want to add some evening appointments or Saturdays to accommodate working women. Announce the extended hours online and through social media.


3. Let your patients help you tell your story.

As consumers do their research, they are using ratings and reviews to vet practices. Do everything you can to be sure the story they’ll find on the web is a positive one.

  • Being open and transparent with the comments and experiences of your past patients sends a strong signal to prospective patients. They need to know you care about the surgical outcome, but also about each patient’s surgical experience.
  • You can accomplish this by posting patient thank you notes and sharing patient comments you receive. You can also increase credibility with third party help. (Many practices leverage the on-going feedback of patients generated with RealPatientRatings™.)

4. Plan a fun email marketing campaign to engage your mailing list.

Remember that breast and body procedures are the prime subjects for this time of year. Offer a special promotion for every interest: surgery, Botox® and fillers, cellulite, and skin care. Then coordinate the email campaign with social media.

5. Hold an event or open house at the end of January or in early February.

This gives you several weeks to attract guests and build excitement. Topics might be Mommy Makeovers or breast alternatives that will help your patients be ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This might also be a time to test group or seminar consults. Be sure to include happy patients among your attendees.

6. Plan your social media strategy for the month!

Maximize the above ideas with a specific plan for Facebook. Keep your message in front of your audience longer by promoting a post – the cost is usually just $10-20.

Not sure what to do? Talk to Monique Ramsey at Cosmetic Social Media, our favorite social media expert.

We hope you find these ideas helpful and that they spur you on to great thoughts of your own. Happy new year!!