Reviews on Yelp got you down?

If you’ve got a Yelp problem, the best way to solve it is to take control of the conversation.  In the words of one of our surgeon members, “the solution to pollution is dilution!”
RealPatientRatings™ was founded by a plastic surgery practice owner who was furious that they had a rating of 3.9 on Yelp, essentially telling the world that their practice was just average.

But she knew they were excellent and set out to prove it by completely transforming the system in which ratings are generated for medical practices today.

RealPatientRatings™ unique approach results in more 100% verified reviews faster than any other platform, returns them to you to power your own website and marketing efforts.


Membership starts at $329/month. No contract. 60-day money back guarantee. No kidding. Special pricing available for ASAPS members.

Don’t let a handful of suspicious reviews on Yelp represent your practice. Find out how you can take control today!

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