Reputation Management for Plastic Surgeons

Just one negative review can cause serious damage to a surgeon’s reputation and result in noticeable effects to the practice. Our two-fold reputation management strategy combines prevention with the generation of new reviews only from your real patients.


We like to say that RealPatientRatings is reputation management from the “inside out.”

  • Starts with patient experience
  • Asks for anonymous feedback to deliver truly useful information
  • Resolves issues BEFORE they become negative reviews
  • Teaches you how to turn patient satisfaction into revenue
  • Transforms your online reputation by displaying verified reviews only from real patients

Drown out bad reviews with good reviews

Statistically speaking, unhappy patients are a very small part of the patient experience. Overall, less than 3% of patients ultimately review their experience as dissatisfied or highly dissatisfied. Since all patients are included in our feedback loop, RPR reviews can’t be fabricated. Physician ratings on RPR are 11% to 34%* higher than traditional review sites because we eliminate fake patients, angry ex-employees, and competitors.

Prevent bad reviews with RPR’s proactive Callback Alert system

alerticonRPR’s private Callback Alert system enables unhappy patients to communicate with you internally and privately. This means they’re not rating you badly or going to Yelp!

Patients who request contact from you via Callback Alert want to work things out. They want you to help them solve a problem and they consider it to be a joint problem. They certainly can’t resolve it on their own.

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