RealPatientRatings conforms to and supports AMA policy

RealPatientRatings supports and willingly conforms to the American Medical Association’s recent policy addressing Anonymous Cyberspace Evaluations of Physicians (D-478.980).


(2) continue pursuing initiatives to identify and offer tools to physicians that allow them to manage their online profile and presence;

Physicians participating in Real Patient Ratings are given complete control over the information presented to consumers. However, the only patient comments that may be edited or removed from the Ratings Feed are those which violate the content and community guidelines.

(4) work to secure legislation that would require that the Web sites purporting to offer evaluations of physicians state prominently on their Web sites whether or not they are officially endorsed, approved or sanctioned by any medical regulatory agency or authority or organized medical association including a state medical licensing agency, state Department of Health or Medical Board;

Real Patient Ratings is officially endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

and whether or not they are a for-profit independent business

RealPatientRatings is an independent, privately owned, for-profit business.

and have or have not substantiated the authenticity of individuals completing their surveys.

A patent-pending process that eliminates all non-patients ensures that the individuals completing surveys from RealPatientRatings are indeed authentic. Consumers can trust that the reviews published on RealPatientRatings were written only be real patients of each participating physician.