Plastic surgery shoppers Google the strangest things

1602642It can be useful to look at patterns in keywords to get a view inside your consumer’s thought process.

One way to do this is to filter in Google Analytics on the words what, where, how, and why. As an example, we filtered 14 months of searches including the word “what.

The most obvious pattern is consumers seeking cost information. If you aren’t sharing price ranges on your website, we think you should. (For more on this topic, see Marie Olesen’s article “Why plastic surgeons shouldn’t keep prices secret”).

Another recurring theme seems to be around pain control.

Here are some actual phrases consumers used to find the RPR website:

  • surgery with dr lee daniels eugene oregon what to expect
  • what is a bair hugger
  • dr simeon wall what pain medicine does he after tummy tuck
  • explain what you feel when your skin have incontact with plastics
  • show patient-rated doctos in georgia and what they had to say
  • sidelaze practiced in what cities
  • touchmd what is it
  • what are the root causes of plastic surgery as an epidemic
  • what can i do if i’m not satisfied with my plastic surgery results
  • what does dr john diaz offer after the operation
  • what does dr steven teitelbaum charge for augmentation
  • what does dr. chasan charge for rhinoplasty
  • what if my doctor won’t refer me for scar revision
  • what is dr paul chasan fee for rhinoplasty
  • what is rpr facial rejuvenation atlanta
  • what is the best consult to surgery ratio for plastic surgeons?
  • what is the cost of implants at greg ratliff
  • what is three legal and factor of a plastic surgeons
  • what is typical recovery time mastioplasty
  • what kind of plastic surgery is there
  • what largest implant dr joanthan kramer has done
  • what makes dr. robert hardesty of riverside unique
  • what pain meds do dr prescribe for mommy makeover
  • what people say about dr. shaw plastic surgeon
  • what to ask at a pre op for mommy makeover
  • what to look for on a plastic surgeons cv
  • what to write in comments on a patient survey
  • what type of liposuction does michael chairamonte
  • what’s the average cost for dr nein

Whether you have a large practice or a small one, writing content by studying to patient data is a fantastic way to communicate with your audience.

Now that has more than 10,000 reviews to study, it will be interesting to analyze deeper patterns of consumer keyword searches. We’ll be sure to share our findings with you!