No More No-Shows! 4 Tips To Getting Consultations Through The Door

no-showWhy do patients “no show” for consultations? Of course there are true emergencies and busy, forgetful people… but human error can’t entirely account for the very high no show rates that occur in some plastic surgery practices.

If you’re having problems with too many no shows, look at these 4 areas of the process:

1. Call quality

How much time is spent with the patient on the telephone? Are all calls approached as a potential surgery? Do you always quote prices over the phone and provide information about financing?

2. Appointment availability

When is the next available appointment? Do you keep a waiting list? If so, how do you determine which patient gets scheduled in which appointment spot when there is a cancellation?

3. Marketing materials

What materials do you send to patients? Do the materials look first class and are they up to date? When the materials mailed or emailed, are the materials followed-up by a phone call to make sure they were received?

4. Appointment confirmation

When you don’t reach the patient to confirm, what is said during the call? This is truly a “marketing opportunity” for the practice.

It’s not just you…

No shows truly are a reality for all plastic surgery practices. EVERYONE has them, don’t let them fool you.