Increase number of touches to increase conversions

“We want more, we want more!”

Just like the cute AT&T commercial says, “It’s not complicated. More is better.”

In your practice, you want more as well. What is the more you want?

More web leads? More consult conversions? More data that can help you grow your practice? More raving fans who remain for future procedures? More recommendations from highly satisfied patients?

Research about the decision-making process of consumers and how many touches are required before they purchase a service shows that most consumers require 8-10 interactions before they make a decision.


But the average salesperson gives up after just 1-2 touches. Think about how to add “touches” to your process that will increase conversions at consult and recommendations post-operatively.

We want to help you get the more you want.

The key is providing 5-star service and generating patient reviews that increase patient trust and conversions to surgical dollars.

When more of your patients complete surveys, you’ll have more insight into growth opportunities and more content that increases leads from your website.

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