How many reviews are enough?

How many reviews is enough?Some say having a few long reviews is better than frequent, short reviews. If your patient was only to read a single review, there’s no question that a long, detailed review would have more impact on their opinion.

But that’s not what they do! They don’t just read one review… they explore every corner of the Internet in search of qualitative information.

Don’t discount the power of quantity and frequency in your quest for length.

Consider these assumptions consumers make while researching potential plastic surgeons:

1) “If there aren’t very many before and after photos to look at, the surgeon hasn’t done very many of these procedures and must not be very good at it.”

Even if only subconscious, a website with only a few photos to display suggests a surgeon who hasn’t done much surgery.

Do you do 100 cases each year? 300 cases? Even more? Your website should reflect the volume… if you do hundreds of cases each year, it should be reflected by the number of photos that appear on your website.

2) “If there aren’t very many reviews to read, the surgeon probably isn’t busy and doesn’t see many patients.”

We think consumers would be startled to see how many patients a plastic surgeon actually sees. Consistent patient feedback published over time presents an accurate and believable long-term view of your practice’s commitment to quality.

3) “If there are no ratings, the reviews were probably edited to only show the good ones.”

Ratings are the “secret sauce” to making reviews believable. You can have hundreds of reviews, but without a rating and a total number of respondents included, there isn’t enough quantitative information to give your consumer the confidence needed to make a decision.

Practices with hundreds of reviews from patients contributed over a long period of time are converting more web visitors faster, because the quality of their services is so powerfully demonstrated by the combination of reviews and ratings.

Our advice? The best strategy is to do both. Combine your efforts to acquire long reviews with a method of generating frequent reviews, and don’t forget to include the ratings.