Hot topic at ASAPS Vancouver – do you have a “Feedback Loop” for patients?

Radar_Your_Speed_Is_Sign__SVL__27_Oct._2011We ventured north to Vancouver, BC this past week for the 2012 ASAPS meeting, where RPR founder Marie Olesen and team member Eva Sheie both presented courses over the weekend at the iconic Vancouver Convention Center.

On the last day of the conference, Marie Olesen participated in Dr. Grant Stevens’ morning session called The Business of Plastic Surgery, where many of our colleagues stressed the same theme as RPR’s mission in their presentations, that it’s never been more important to listen to what your patients are saying about your practice and use that information to improve the patient experience.

The thinking behind the feedback loop is simple: Give people information about their actions, then give them an opportunity to change, improving the experience for future patients.

The subject of the feedback loop is fascinating, and electronic devices which harness feedback loops have become quite popular with the declining cost of technology, leading to new inventions like the chip that goes in your shoe to tell you how many calories you burned on a walk.

Real Patient Ratings is a feedback loop designed for plastic surgeons (and soon to be other specialties) that takes anonymous data from both post-consult and post-surgery patients and returns information that is highly useful to the practice for improving customer service and patient satisfaction.

Interested in learning more about feedback loops?

Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops,” an article from 2011 in Wired magazine, is a fun look into how feedback loops are used to improve all aspects of modern life.