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The RATINGS FEED is exclusively available on your directory profile on RealPatientRatings.com. Click to see an example.

Why should I choose the RATINGS FEED?


The RATINGS FEED includes an aggregate score with star ratings (as shown to the right) and displays all patient comments regardless of rating.

For this authenticity, Google has rewarded RealPatientRatings.com with the inclusion of star ratings (known as “rich snippets”) in search engine results. Maintaining this authenticity is crucial to delivering valuable search engine results and top rankings for RPR members and accurate information to consumers.

Your RPR profile page will effectively compete with other directories that may have less credible ratings and information.

When should I turn my RATINGS FEED on?

You may display your RATINGS FEED at any time you choose. We encourage you to turn it on as soon as possible to benefit from the positive effects on your search engine optimization efforts. If you discontinue your RPR membership, your directory profile will be removed from the website.

Can any comments be removed or edited from the RATINGS FEED?

The only patient comments that may be edited or removed from the Ratings Feed are those which violate the content and community guidelines. Click for the complete content guidelines and privacy policy.

To request conversion to the RATINGS FEED, complete this form: