Don’t fear the Penguin (Google algorithm update)

I feel old today, in a good way.penguin-head

Early in my career I recall having week-long panic attacks when Google made even the slightest change to the algorithm. Last week’s Penguin 2.0 update is causing some plastic surgeons to lose rankings or even disappear from search results altogether.

I decided many years ago that I’d follow my instincts and only do “real” SEO…. this meant always writing original content, getting only real links the hard way, never taking shortcuts, and even losing clients who didn’t agree with my “be the turtle, not the hare” philosophy. I’m proud to say i’ve never bought a link in my life.

I just didn’t think real prospective patients would respond to phony content and if I was going to write content, darn it, it would be readable and interesting. I also believed from day one that nothing really mattered except conversions, and I wanted to create a relationship online that would generate GOOD leads for clients, not just any old leads.


Score one for the good guys!

For the better part of a decade, our competitors who just bought their way to the top using questionable tactics were neck-and-neck or even beating my clients. This was incredibly frustrating, especially in those rare cases where I had to say it’s just not possible to beat the bad guys.

Being the good guy is time consuming, challenging, and expensive. But today we’re vindicated a little by the second Penguin update, which instantly devalued thousands of the crappy links that helped the bad guys win for so long!

This is not a sales pitch. This is who we are… every website I’ve ever worked on has been done the hard way, and that includes RealPatientRatings. If you suffered losses in rankings from Penguin 1 or 2, our links and content feeds will help you and so help me, we will always be a solid and trustworthy part of your web “neighborhood.”

The word “real” is more than part of our business name, it’s also how we serve our members. Real data that helps practices grow, real reviews only from real patients, and real results.