Diamond Celebration of 75,000 Verified Ratings and Reviews

To serve the public interest by eliciting and amplifying accurate and timely information about authentic patient experiences.

– RealPatientRatings® Mission Statement

RealPatientRatings® (RPR) is achieving a milestone. We’ve published 75,000 verified ratings and reviews since 2011!

Special thanks our early adopters who helped RPR reach this achievement.  We’re proud of helping practices become stronger, safer, and more financially successful.

Over the years, it’s been hard to communicate an “elevator speech” that explains what we do and the differences between RPR and other companies who are making claims that are inconsistent with Google and Yelp’s Terms of Service and Content Guidelines.

It seems strange to us, when so many doctors are offended by false negative reviews, that they hire intermediaries who mislead consumers by creating false positive reviews. In web lingo, it’s “white hat” (the good guys who follow the rules) versus “black hat” (employing tactics to game the system.)

At RPR, we don’t attack the symptom (negative reviews) but focus on diagnosing the underlying disease (service or quality issues). Once we confirm the practice is healthy, we survey and publish real patient ratings and reviews in large enough numbers to insure statistical validity.

Finally, we help our members use the patient feedback as a powerful marketing and sales strategy that improves business outcomes. These four values create a firm, ethical foundation for RPR, its members and consumers.

  • Solicit patient feedback anonymously. RPR proactively seeks input from all eligible patients and delivers insights to pinpoint solvable issues that could lead to negative reviews. Using RPR’s benchmarks and market research, practices can focus on the key drivers of business success
  • Guarantee 100% verified reviews. RealPatientRatings® pioneered a patent-pending process which produces 100% verified reviews from real patients. This methodology eliminates negative reviews from non-patients or competitors and prevents providers from posting false positives that mislead consumers.
  • Deliver statistically valid ratings. A handful of reviews, many of which are negative or dated, do not accurately reflect practice quality. RPR’s methodology increases response rates and statistical validity. Real patients rate their doctors more highly than typically found on other sites. Our data shows that 95% of patients rate their doctors with either a 4 or 5 score.
  • Amplify ratings and reviews to strengthen and grow practices. RPR expanded the value of patient-generated content in 2011 when it began adding reviews to member websites where consumers were already shopping and where practices benefitted at the lowest cost. RPR added Google star ratings in 2012 which increased the impact of its reviews and rankings for providers, treatments and technologies.  

What’s next? You can be assured that the great team at RPR will continue to offer new strategies that help consumers and providers connect. 

Marie Olesen 
Founder, RealPatientRatings®
Advisory Board, Center for Services Leadership, W.P Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

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