Creating Amazing Patient Experiences Is All In The Details

HealthLeaders Media published an article this week titled “4 Strategies To Improve the Patient Experience,” discussing the importance of every aspect of the patient experience in a hospital setting.

We wholeheartedly agree with the four strategies and the perspective put forward in the article. Empathy isn’t incorporated into marketing enough, and when it is, the rewards are exponential to the practice.

Our tools help practices identify these seemingly minor issues that add up and result in a patient who is merely “satisfied” instead of “highly satisfied.” Is it good enough for your patient just to be satisfied? We don’t think so!

For a cosmetic surgery patient, the experience either begins with a referral from a friend or an online search, which then results in the first interaction with a surgeon’s office. Every little detail along the way is critical to the patient’s overall satisfaction rating.

We recently talked with a surgeon learned from his Real Patient Ratings patient survey data that most of his patients weren’t warm enough in recovery, and although he first felt terrible for not knowing, he then realized it was easily fixable and ordered more Bair Huggers (special post-surgery warming blankets).

If you knew what to fix, wouldn’t you fix it? Each of these small moments is an opportunity to demonstrate excellent care and service to patients, and move them from just merely “satisfied” up to “highly satisfied.”