Can I get an “amen”? Building inbound marketing assets are not the same as marketing expenses

Marketing evangelist David Meerman Scott echoes today on his blog a principle of internet marketing that we firmly believe here at RealPatientRatings… that certain kinds of content on your website are assets that grow in value over time and generate highly qualified inquiries. This concept guides the creation of all the features we create for our members to help grow their practices.

The 3 Most Important Marketing Assets for a Plastic Surgery Website

On a plastic surgery practice website, your photo gallery, blog, and comments from patients are your three most valuable assets. If you were to analyze the specific sources of your online conversions, you would most likely find these three areas of your website at the top of the list.

photos1. Photo gallery

The size of your photo gallery is an indication of success. Subconsciously or consciously, the visitor makes assumptions about how long have you been in practice, how happy your patients are, and how much surgery you have done.

Grow the gallery by including multiple angles of each case, details of the patient, and including the capability of filtering the cases.

2. Blog

blogOn your blog, follow the simple concept of answering questions that your patients ask. Understanding that a blog post can hold value indefinitely will make you think differently about the subject matter. Quality is always better than quantity. Don’t post junk for the sake of posting. Don’t auto-post to Facebook.

3. Patient-Generated Content, or “Word of Mouth” Content

We all agree that no greater form of marketing exists than the word of mouth referral. The next best thing is what we like to call “Word of Mouth” content, which is anything created by your patients that can be posted on your website.

Examples of “WOM content” include thank you notes, testimonials, video reviews, and of course, patient review feeds from RealPatientRatings.


Conversion data from a wide sample of practice websites shows a 2x to 6x increase in the number of contact forms completed when visitors have engaged with this “word of mouth” content. Even if adding these features to your website is time-consuming, the ROI is so high that it is always worth the investment.