Being Friendly Means Doing More Surgery

Why worry? Be friendly!

Did you know that simply being friendly translates to increased revenue from higher conversions, more referrals, and better retention?

With over 4000 patient surveys under our belt at Real Patient Ratings, we’ve got some pretty revealing insights to share. Let’s start with something that is absolutely crucial and involves everyone in the office — just being friendly. No one gets off the hook (including the surgeon)!

Being friendly means doing more surgery

Want to increase conversions? Focus on increasing the number of patients who would describe you and your team as “friendly.”

Why is it so important to be friendly?

At consultation, when a patient reports that they were highly satisfied with the level of friendliness, their likelihood to schedule surgery increases exponentially. If simply being perceived as “friendly” increases conversions, then you can do the math and estimate how friendliness can benefit you.


Increase in Likelihood to Schedule based on Perceived Friendliness

What to do with this information? Make a commitment individually and collectively to be more friendly to everyone you interact with during the workday… It matters.

If you don’t like your conversion rates, but “friendly” is hard for you…

Review your results daily. Who scheduled surgery and who hasn’t? Are 25% of consults scheduling surgery on the same day of the consult? If not, go back and ask yourself how friendly were you? What about the rest of your team?

Can you make changes so that you are as friendly or connected as you possibly could be? If not, ask yourself why not? Too busy? Too tired? Schedule too full or too empty? Are these reasons that excuse not doing something that’s proven to work?

Who decides if you’re friendly enough?

Your patients, of course. That’s why you need consistent on-going surveys that ask more than basic questions. We can help!