Keep Calm and Show Photos

Everyone loves a good before and after photo, from kitchens, to cars to plastic surgery. It’s really fun to see the transformation.

before after

Many practices overlook the impact these photos have on the consultation experience. Photos play a starring role in your marketing and sales management processes; our data shows a 26% increase in same day scheduling rates when they patients find the before and after pictures useful.

But patients take notice when photos are missing, as evidenced by this recent review: review-1

Does this office use before and after photos during consults? Yes.
Were they available to the patient? Yes.
Was there something different about this particular consult day? Perhaps.
Was there a change in staff involvement in the consultation? Possibly.

In this case, a 4 star review provides a clear opportunity to increase treatment or surgical volume. RealPatientRatings survey data helped the practice gain insight to the areas of greatest opportunity to improve patient satisfaction, and with it the corresponding increases in conversions and revenue.

It’s a challenge to provide a consistent consult experience, but you can save the show regardless of the players involved by using a standardized process that produce more consistent results. Surveys and reviews provide practices with the opportunity to validate your service delivery model and ensure you are focusing on what’s most important to your patients.

Patients have been very vocal related to the usefulness of before and after photography in their decision-making process. Our results from surveying more than 80,000 patients shows a 26% increase in same day conversion rates when patients find the before and after pictures useful.

same day conversion

Managing the process delivers predictable results

Before and after pictures should be shown to patients so that they can visualize their potential results. When before & after photos are thoughtfully presented during consult, you help your prospective patient by personalizing the experience and differentiating your practice.

Ideally, at the end of the consult, your use of photos helps patients validate their personal goals and move more confidently toward a buying decision


Best practice standards for before and after photography are as follows:

  • Have a large variety of results
  • Tell a story with each example, make sure the pictures are labeled
  • Organize your photography by procedure and within the procedure by size, gender
  • Continually update your photography
  • Considering using technology such as 2D or 3D options
  • More is more, there is no such thing as too many before & after photos

Every practice has a process that they think is being implemented on a daily basis. The value of feedback and reviews is that you can quickly determine if your process is being executed and more importantly, how effective that process is in the eyes of your patients.