What is RealPatientRatings?

RealPatientRatings™ facilitates the consumer buying process by proactively soliciting the only opinion that matters — the opinion of the patient. Through our patents-pending process, we generate 100% verified, statistically valid ratings and reviews about patient experiences with doctors, providers, treatments, and technologies.

This powerful strategy attracts more qualified patients who are ready to schedule and delivers an astounding ROI of up to 30x for the average medical spa.

How will RealPatientRatings™ help my medical spa?

No fakes: RealPatientRatings™ presents only verified reviews from patients who have completed a qualified visit to your practice.

More conversions: Reviews increase website conversions up to 79%**. Reviews increase scheduling of treatments up to 30% if consumers read reviews before consult.*

Increased visibility and competitive advantage in Google search results: Powerful content marketing tools boost your rankings, increase engagement on your website, and support your online reputation.

Unbeatable ROI! Consider the annual revenue a medical spa client…if your average income per client per year is $2000, and the unique competitive advantage delivered by RealPatientRatings™ results in 5 additional new clients per month that you would not have otherwise obtained, 60 patients per year x $2000 = $120,000 for a projected ROI of 30x.

Ratings and reviews are nothing to fear.

One 15-minute call will give you the insight you need to stop being afraid of online reviews, give you control over your reputation, and deliver the right message to prospective patients looking for a great medical spa.

To request a demo or get more information call 800-267-1228, ext. 5 or complete the form to the right to learn more about RealPatientRatings™.

**Bazaarvoice, 2015
*RealPatientRatings data based on 23,937 post-consultation surveys