5 high-impact summer projects for plastic surgeons

work_at_the_beachBetween the economy, Olympics, heat waves and back to school preparations looming, not many people are thinking about cosmetic surgery. This quiet time is seasonal, but it’s real.

What can we do during these quiet weeks? Certainly surgeons can take well-deserved vacations. Or you can focus on making your practice better for when the good times begin to roll.

Choose a project or two that will have long-term positive effects on your business.

Create new web content

Building content is like building equity. Content isn’t just text, but also includes before & after photos, images, videos, illustrations, thank you notes from patients… anything that is a resource for patients to learn more about you and the procedures they’re interested in.

Write some blog posts

Blogging is effective but can be hard to do consistently. Get your feet wet by writing a few short articles for the web and include topics patients care about most – photos, prices, and financing. Be sure to include some real-life anecdotes about positive outcomes. After you post, be sure to share it on LinkedIN, Facebook, and Twitter.

Experiment with social media

Social media can be very effective, but has to be authentic. Commit to interacting on Facebook for a week or two and see how your patients respond. Use other successful Facebook pages as a model for what to do, and remember that shorter is always better on Facebook. (Less than 100 characters per post)

Survey your patients

Being an ostrich isn’t good for business. Find out how your patients feel about their experience by asking for their feedback. Be sure to use an anonymous system (like Real Patient Ratings) to accurately gauge the needs and wants of your entire patient base.

Get more reviews

Who would you ask to write your content if you could ask anyone in the world? Your patients, of course!

It’s important to have reviews across a variety of trusted sources, including Google+ for Business, Yelp, RealSelf, and your own website. It’s also important that you allow truthful negative reviews to be included. (Why? Read about the blemish effect for more information)

To make the survey process painless and getting more reviews a breeze, Real Patient Ratings enables patients to easily write reviews during the survey process and delivers those reviews straight back to your website, and to our SEO-friendly online directory.