1500% Increase in Demand for Plastic Surgery Patient Reviews

You’re looking at the number of visitors since January 2011 who have arrived on a plastic surgeon’s website while searching for some combination of keywords that included the word “review.”


How did this happen? A combination of SEO tactics and external factors…

  • The SEO team determined in late 2010 that patient reviews had arrived in the cosmetic surgery world and were here to stay, and that plastic surgeons had passed the “denial” phase
  • Understanding that a real prospective patient isn’t searching for “testimonials,” the “testimonials” page was renamed “patient reviews”
  • Google Adwords were purchased for a very low cost that included the word “reviews”
  • Where you see the spike upward in April 2012, this is when the Real Patient Ratings content feeds were added to this website (and not even in a conspicuous location)
  • Two months later, now that there are a lot of reviews to read for this practice, we’ll work with the practice to feature the review content in a place where more patients can read them

Why would you want real reviews on your own website?

We also learned that just in May 2012, of the 228 total conversions on this website, 42 (or almost 20%) of them read the reviews and stayed on the website a full minute longer.

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