10 Totally Avoidable SEO Mistakes Plastic Surgeons Make

Seems like “magic bullet” thinking never quite goes away… internet marketing isn’t easy and it’s important to approach it like you’re building a house.

Start with a great foundation (your website), then decorate the house (your website, your online presence), and then work on improving the neighborhood (grow social media and participate in the community, both on- and offline.)

How long does this take? It takes years, and one wrong move can set you back a long way.

dohAnd don’t make any of these common mistakes!

1. Falling for promises of #1 rankings, or thinking #1 rankings are a measure of success

2. Not having access to Google Analytics or reporting of some kind

3. Not claiming their FREE Google Plus for Business and Google Maps listing (now called Google Places)

4. Spending too much on Pay Per Click ads without measuring results

5. Letting an SEO company (or anyone other than themselves) own their domain name

6. Signing up for every plastic surgery directory without knowing why

7. Trying to “DIY” SEO, or hiring a relative to do SEO

8. Hiring someone whose native language isn’t the same as your audience

9. Hiring a company that focuses solely on rankings and not conversion optimization or community building

10. Trying to get SEO cheap as possible